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foundationA foundation is where you build your..

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Every great success has had a serious foundation.  Those “lucky” winners you see on TV have been down on their luck for years before you happen to get a glimpse of their success.  Foundation is everything.

How to Create a Foundation

The hardest part of creating a foundation is digging deep, really deep to find out what you want.  Not just what you think you want, but what you really want.

I thought I wanted fast cars, but then I realized that I wanted to be somebody.  Growing up I had huge expectations from my extremely successful parents who were small business owners.  My father was a very successful lawyer, and all of my aunts and uncles had expensive cars or belonged to country clubs. I wanted to be with them.  I found myself 5 years after college still obsessed with video games.  I found myself lost in this reality that I had built for myself.

I had a hard past with many problems in high school.  I was bullied, and my self-esteem was basically nothing.  I was on and off anti-psychotic medication throughout those days.  In and out of therapy, special schools, trips to the ER, and with many suicide attempts.  I was close many times to just running my car off the road to end it all.  Death was a option to me, and has been for a long time.  No longer is death an option.  Life is the only option.  Now my option is to crush it; to crush life like my father, uncles, and ex employers said I’d never be able to do.

That’s deep.  Get real with yourself.  I want fame, and everything that comes with it from the cars & house to security & snowboarding trips I could only dream about.

What do you really want?

As you’ve read in my About Page – the millions are ready for the taking.  You in?

To give one quick hint to who I really am…  I’m a huge fan of my guy Gary Vaynerchuk!  If you guys don’t know who he is then definitely check out his blog.


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