Education is a the key to getting your prospect to pull the trigger on your service, product or solution.  As I talked about in my last blog about anchoring, getting your point across to the prospect in the right order is the key to getting a pleasant reaction.

Another great way to make sure your point is well received is to educate your prospect. 

To give a little background on how exactly I landed on the for today’s blog.  My father was recently diagnosed with TMD, or temporomandibular disorder which is a terrible degenerative disease that effects the mouth, jaw and teeth.  In his search for the an expert in the field of TMD, or more commonly known as TMJ he would search google for a “TMJ Specialist“.  While looking for this TMJ Specialist he’d ready through a variety of sites, and see that there really wasn’t that much information on it.  Except for this one fellow, who we linked to above, because he’s actually working with my father now.

As you take a look at their website you’ll notice a couple things right off the bat:

  • 1000 words of education text
  • several pages describing the service in detail
  • before and after pictures

Why Educate?

The main purpose of educating is to put yourself in the position of authority. Certainly you can say you’re an expert, but showing that you’re an expert is far more effective.  The reason my father decided to go with Dr. Tagliarini because of how much raw expertise he saw from his site.




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